MT currently services customers in over 65 countries around the world. We started from humble beginnings as an OEM manufacturer in 2003. Through our technical knowledge and experience in the furniture industry, partnerships with key customers, and attention to quality we have been able to gain a loyal customer base all over the world. Our mission is to provide the highest quality equipment at a reasonable price. We value the trust of our customers and the importance of building long term relationships. At MT,we work hard to provide consumers with the best quality and technology. Our engineers have a very strict policy when it comes to incoming materials,and product tests.We make sure every product is in perfect condition before leaving the factory.


MT Products:

·   Electronic Massage Tables

·   Stationary Massage Tables

·   Portable Massage Tables

·   Portable Massage Chairs

·   Massage Accessories

·   Massage Therapy Supplies



Why you should join our team?

MT and its family companies service to over 65 countries with a strong focus on the quality and technology of each product.

Each batch of materials undergoes rigorous testing before being utilized by our professionally trained craftsman. Our business model is to provide retailers with high quality massage equipment at a reasonable price.  We stand by the quality of our products and offer a 5 Year Warranty on majority of MT products.



How we support our retailers:

• OEM service in addition to MT branded products

• Drop Ship Service in 2 business days

• Credit assessment and settlements

• After Purchase-Service to each end user

• Free Sample Grants

• Any authorized retailer will have the option to return products that are unsold within 180 days of purchase



Why Consumers love MT tables?

MT tables are ergonomically designed to fit a variety of body types. We offer a revolutionary CloudySoft Sponge System, the silky smooth foam padding is 100% PU Skin-touch Vinyl to fulfill every client’s satisfaction. MT tables are also built with a hand-crafted finger-joint wooden frame that is extremely sturdy and durable.

Consumers purchasing our tables can choose from a wide variety of colors, materials, accessories and massage table packages to suit their needs. Our products and supplies combine the superb value of unparalleled performance for the massage professional, student, and at home user. People simply love our tables:    


• Innovative engineering design

• Lifetime warranty on many of our products

• World class massage table at a reasonable price